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Helping your organization successfully lead and execute change.

Intercultural Communications

Developing effective staff and teams with strong cross-cultural competencies.

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Learn about how we approach and engage complex challenges like those facing your organization.

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About Us

At AbiNader Advisory Services, we focus on building communications competencies as the key to your organization’s effectiveness, growth, innovation, and achievement. Whether your organization is in transition due to competition or growth, has experienced a shift in ownership and management, or simply needs a realignment with your strategic vision, we can work with you to define your options for success.

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Engaging challenges around the globe

Our Clients

AbiNader Advisory Services works with corporate, government, and NGO clients around the world in a wide range of sectors including many industries such as defense, renewable energies, and technology, and service areas including health and education, and trade and investment promotion. We draw on the depth and breadth of our experience to understand your organization’s goals in multiple contexts and help you navigate towards your vision.

A wealth of global experience

AbiNader Advisory Services

We have worked in over 40 countries providing services ranging from negotiations training and workforce development to the nuts and bolts of integrated marketing and communications strategies. We are diverse in our fields of expertise with clients from the private sector, governments, and international NGOs.

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